Progressives Against Democrats

The truth is that it isn't Democrats vs. Republicans. It is two good old boy's clubs working together to enact class warfare:that is to enact class warfare against you and me. Will you too sell out to the Democrats and their lies about being an opposition party, or will you stand with me and fight?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Best Bookstore Ever

I just found the coolest bookstore I have ever been to a few days ago. It is called Left-Hand books in Boulder Colorado (on the Pearl Street Mall). The best thing about it is that it is a real progressive bookstore and not a Democrap bookstore. On Display was Ward Churchill's "On Roosting Chickens". The store had sections on everything from anarchism to economics. There were also t-shirts and bumpers stickers. Some of the best ones included Religion: what stops the poor from killing the rich and Terroist: what the big army calls the little army. This store is a must visit if you live in or are visitng Boulder.


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