Progressives Against Democrats

The truth is that it isn't Democrats vs. Republicans. It is two good old boy's clubs working together to enact class warfare:that is to enact class warfare against you and me. Will you too sell out to the Democrats and their lies about being an opposition party, or will you stand with me and fight?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yet another Democrap sells out to Shitigroup

Proving himself to be a true Democratic-Republican corporate shrill Chris Dodd has sold his ass to Citigroup.

Chris Dodd is now whoring himself to the terrorists by stating that no new anti-predatory lending legislation is needed (according to If anyone saw the jobless 24 year old on Dr. Phil last week who was still getting tons of credit anyone, with half a brain would know that obviously this is not the case.

How much did it take to get this corporate shrill to say this. According to, $139,950 dollars which makes Citigroup the second largest campaign contributor to the presidential campaign of this scumbag sellout.

Not only should he not be elected president, he should be voted out of his senate seat for his terrorist actions. Vote for a Green, get the terrorist shrills out of office.

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