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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Blizzard Bullshit

Well the theme seemed to be two words that you won't hear in the corporate terrorist sponsored MSM: globabl warming.

Now for those of you who are environmentally challenged let me explain to you how this is global warming. As ice melts in Artic regions, we see a wetter climate, as well as a warmer climate.

Now let's go back to Colorado. Small snow showers in the Denver Metro area are not uncommon. However, large snow storms are rare, as Colorado is a desert climate, and two in a row almost unheard off. Also almost unheard of it the temperature the week or two before that were in the low 60's.

In all I heard one reference to pollution, not global warming, but polution. There was of course the usual bullshit reasons given none of which had anything to do with global warming. Also, way overcovered was the airport where a bunch of cry babies got stuck without everything that they wanted for a few days. Sheesh, haven't these people ever gone camping or slept on the ground before (and there were cots anyway). Yeah it would suck to be stuck at the airport, but it is better than being the way undercoverd by the media homeless person who apparently the media doesn't care about.

And think you could get out with your FUV, think again. I had the pleasure of getting to watch the FUVs try to dig themselves out, only to find that they and their microscopic penis were not going to be able to get anywhere. Also hilarious, was the stupid cunt at the gas station who decided that she was going to drive her FUV/truck through the snow when the other side of the gas station had been shoveled and cleared. The stupid bitch got stuck and I just laughed at her for being a stupid idiot redneck.

Which comes to another point about the corporate terrorist media. They only showed cars stuck in the snow, but their were plenty of SUVs/Truck that got stuck as well. And futhermore, in the Denver metro area, compared to some other major cities I have been to recently, while there are certainly way to many FUVs/Trucks, there aren't as many as other places I have been to and the number of these terrorists on the road seemed to be in decline on almost a daily basis for a few months during the summer/fall. But to support the corporate terrorist FUV dealers, the corporate terrorist controlled media made sure to show only cars stuck in the snow, followed by commericals for giant FUVs and trucks. Truck which by the way seemed to fair the worst of all, as the open backs of them filled with snow.


At 8:14 AM, Blogger Undeniable Liberal said...

Glad to see that you are back, citisucks.
Your post reminded me of two years ago, after having driven 244 of 245 miles(in the snow) to get home from visiting family, a suv, going way too fast lost control and hit us head-on. We are VERY lucky that we weren't killed.

At 11:50 AM, Blogger Citisucks said...

What a stupid cunt. It's too bad she didn't flip over and the FUV burst into flames (w/the cunt in it). Hopefully that will be the stupid cunts future fate. I am glad that you were okay.

And don't think I have become apolitical or something. I have been working on some other projects(go see how the defintions on urban dictionary have changed and I wrote a quiz about how Idiot America has a long history of being a terrorist nation to try to educate idiot america called A People's History.


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