Progressives Against Democrats

The truth is that it isn't Democrats vs. Republicans. It is two good old boy's clubs working together to enact class warfare:that is to enact class warfare against you and me. Will you too sell out to the Democrats and their lies about being an opposition party, or will you stand with me and fight?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Well, Finally(And a Story)!

I have had the hardest time logging into blogger. It seems to finally be working again. So in case you are wondering why their have been no posts, that is why.

Not suprising though, nothing seems to work correctly anymore. Welcome to crappy everything outsourced land.

Anyway here is one story I just could not wait to share about how karma happens. Some retarded jerk-off was recklessly driving his Chevy Blazer down on 1-25. The terrorist then proceeded to lose control of his overcompensation mobile and hit the medium. Being the crapiest of the crappy FUVs, he was ejected and the FUV flew into the air. The small dicked looser than proceeded to land on the highway and his idiot mobile than proceeded to land on top of him. He is no more and no innocents died or were injured in the process. Karma-keeping the highways safe for the non-terrorists.


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