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Monday, August 07, 2006

And we wonder why people using Shitibank get their identities stolen?

From kilolo @

"Citi group should applaud their HR department, or possibly rename it to IN-Human Resources. This group gives and takes away employment in the worse manner since the Inquistion! They offer jobs without doing the necessary back ground checks so that weeks after a job has been accepted there is a great possiblity of loosing it. Why not check your bells and whistles BEFORE making offers of employment. I myself lost a job that I had worked at 4 months BUT because I didnot disclosed that I was on the payroll for 3 hours 2 years ago the HR runt took the matter to the Big House (In House Lawyers). My job was terminated no what happened nothing. So I wasted yes wasted 4 months with the thought of permanent employment because the head hunter witch did not want to take the time to say "but you need to include that information let me send you back your app and you make the repairs." I wouldn't spit on anyone from Citi if they were dying"!

As kilolo discusses Shitibank is horrible to their employees and treats people about as well as Bu$h and his corporate terrorist friends. But this brings up another issue. 4 months to do a background check! Somehow I don't think it takes that long to steal someone's identity! But them again your identity to be stolen is just what these corporate terrorists want and why it takes them so long to do a simple background check.


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