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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Part II: The Corporate Terrorists At Citigroup: If you are Sick be Prepared to Die!

Part I: The Corporate Terrorists At Citigroup: If you are Sick be Prepared to Die!. Discussed how the corporate terrorists at Citigroup seek to murder and torture their own employees by denying them health care. But this tale gets even sicker. It was all planned.

According to Inner City Press "Interestingly, while I was on leave I applied for a home equity loan, since my disability payments were "administratively" delayed by Met Life, their short term disability carrier. According to Citibank, they were unable to verify my employment and my loan application was denied...but not until the refinance of my current mortgage had already been approved! It seems they were willing to take on a $250,000 loan at 8%, but had no interest in the variable rate, lesser borrowing relating to the equity line. This leads me to think that the management had already determined that my employment would not continue after my medical leave ended. In addition, they did not provide the required Worker's Comp forms, did not respond to verification requests from the disability insurance provider (Met Life) and Travelers (a former fully owned subsidiary) denied my workers comp claim based on the fact that the forms were not filed until after the expiration of the short term disability claim. They also had a myriad of other defenses based on the fact that the medical reports were not received (although the HNO has proof that they were sent on two different occasions)" (innercitypress).

This is one very sick terrorist organization that seeks to murder and make even its own employees suffer.


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