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The truth is that it isn't Democrats vs. Republicans. It is two good old boy's clubs working together to enact class warfare:that is to enact class warfare against you and me. Will you too sell out to the Democrats and their lies about being an opposition party, or will you stand with me and fight?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Daily Kos Bash (aka daily kos sucks and is for SUV liberals)

10. Having run out of insults women hater and SUV liberal davybaby shares with us about his experiences as the Kennedy center. News flash for the SUV liberals, we don't care about the Kennedy center, we can't afford to go their.

9. On davybaby, the biggest joke of an SUV liberal ever, we also receive the comment "I will vote for the Democratic nominee. Period". Davybaby, save the gas money on your giant gas guzzler. The election system is rigged and even if it weren't it's a one party system.

8. Still beleiving the lies and repeating talking points, we have numerous commentors stating that a Bachelor's degree will make you a lot more income. Maybe if you got it 20 years ago or if you plan to do really bad things to other people with it-people wake up.

7. Equally laughable we have "I would love to see the next (democratic) President do something about the high cost of education, which includes forgiveness of all school loan debt". I would love to see that too, but the SUV liberals (democrats) are whoring to the banking terrorists just as much as the rethugs. So lets not use oxymorons. If you want this to happen: vote Green.

6. We also find "The purpose of higher education is to change the way one looks at and relates to the world". Yes, it turn you into a conformist. You follow the herd to parties, while running around with a credit card gathering credit card debt, while getting brainwashed in business school that interest is good, consumer rights are bad.

5. Identifying himself as a corporate terrorist and wingnut at the same time Richard Carlucci, both demonstrates how we is a narsastic ignorant corporate terrorist and how he is a wingnut by offering no facts, but resorting to the mindless statement "stop smoking so damned much". News flash, most of us in fields that help people can't afford to smoke given we choose not to exploit people. Really, though I think Richard Craplucci was just seeing the smoke in his own mirror.

4. In this weeks hillarious comments about trolls: "What gets me are the fakey trolls who think they can trick us. They usually start out with "I'm a good left wing politically correct socialist liberal...". But on an SUV liberal site like daily kos apparently the above comment would be enough to get you banned. Umm, news flash the real trolls like another american, davybaby etc. are still running loose. Oh, well I guess that is why they call them Dims.

3. Another One "Lots of Democrats and liberals support trade liberalization. This is something good people can disagree on. You won't see me troll rating protectionists". And given this is what the Democraps stand for you won't see me voting for them!

2. In other hilarious news the Dim's still can't admit that they lost the election because of rigged voting technology. No instead they repeat right wing talking points and Dim richter states "After all, without the Greens, there never would have been a President Bush -- which makes the Greens guilty of everything he is guilty of". I guess then the Green are also guilty of taking a stance against rigged voting technologies which if the Dims took up would have proved they actually won the election.

1. Finally, in the Denial Isn't Just a River in Africa we have RonK Seatle stating "I may be mistaken, but I don't think Greens ... (0 / 0)
... have ever pulled 5% (which would confer "major party" ballot status) or anything near it in a statewide race". He backs this up with the following facts..oh wait he doesn't supply any facts, that's pretty Dim RonK..lueless.

The daily kos bash should occur again in two weeks, so you can have some more laughs at the SUV liberals.


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