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The truth is that it isn't Democrats vs. Republicans. It is two good old boy's clubs working together to enact class warfare:that is to enact class warfare against you and me. Will you too sell out to the Democrats and their lies about being an opposition party, or will you stand with me and fight?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The SUV Idiot Scale

The more you agree with the more likely you are to be driving around in a SUV/Truck:
1. I believe the bullshit commercials that claim that SUV's are safer (when they are really more dangerous to everyone including the occupants than a passenger car).
2. I think my actions don't matter as long, as I stick a Support Our Troops or John Kerry Sticker on it.
3. I think flipping upside down is a lot of fun.
4. I admire Hitler and his protege Bu$h.
5. I like to be passed by people at stop lights, even when I try to go while the light is still red.
6. I overcompensate for my inadequacies.
7. I drive around with a cell phone glued to my ear, while driving my idiot children to soccer practice.
8. I have a small penis.
9. I have a really small penis.
10. My IQ borders on that of retarded.
11. I hate children, unless I am causing their deaths with my SUV.
12. I caused the deaths of many people in Hurricane Katrina (come on admit it).
13. I'm Selfish.
14. I'm a Hypocrite.
15. I hate the environment.
16. I care about the environment, but it's someone else's job to save it.
17. I not only like to increase the chances that I will die, but that when I do I will take someone with me.
18. I don't care if other peoples children die oversees.
19. I owe the banking terrorists a lot of money and can't seem to figure out why (do you think it's the gas or the overpriced piece of shit you are driving?)
20. When I have a person who drives a passenger car rate me on this quiz, my agree score goes way up (because I'm too stupid and/or to much in denial to rate myself).


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