Progressives Against Democrats

The truth is that it isn't Democrats vs. Republicans. It is two good old boy's clubs working together to enact class warfare:that is to enact class warfare against you and me. Will you too sell out to the Democrats and their lies about being an opposition party, or will you stand with me and fight?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

So you want to work for Shitibank? Not if you want to get paid!

A post from my other blog from almost a year ago. It is important to note that Shitibank both whores itself to the rethugs and demoncrats.

How low can you go? Citigroup is one of the richest companies in the world and how do they thank their employees for this when their time is about to be up. Well by stealing money from their pay checks of course.

This is not a one time thing that was done to one person either. There are multiple accounts of this online and a small discussion about this topic at In particular Citibank is fond of screwing employees over on their final pay check any which way they can. One former employee their stated " They withheld my paycheck after I quit when I was assualted by my boss. I had to have my lawyer threaten legal action to get my paycheck".

This has been going on for quite a while as well. An account of this at Inner City Press's Citigroup watch page listed an occurance of this in 2002.

Even by their own admission to one employee these things occur. At the same time they lied and said these things rarely occur which if you have dealt with Shitibank you know is their stock response. Here is this former employees story"I gave a two weeks notice. I had automatic deposit. My final Paycheck was deposited and then immediately withdrawn by Citibank. I bounced 11 checks and was not paid for over 14 days. They cost me $275.00 in overdrafts when I had given them two weeks notice! Their response "we're sorry...these things rarely happen." My F***ing *ss!".

So if you care about employees rights please boycott Citibank. You can join an official boycott at But even if you don't care about employees rights here is a thought or two for you from a former employee at" They are as horrible to their employees as they are to their customers. On the employee end of things they rip you off on every paycheck they ever give you by hundreds of dollars a month and they give you the same ring around that they give customers and you never see your money. Bottom line Citi Bank sucks and after I started working their I cancelled every card I had with them as well as re financing my mortgage because it was with citi mortgage. Then after working for them for 6 months I had to resighn becuase of the way they are scamming their customers and employees!".

So basically Citibank uses their employees to rip of customers and then turns around and rips of the employees. Yeah, nice. It sounds like high crime to me. When are we going to start arresting the rich who steal from the poor!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Daily Kos Bash (aka Daily Kos Sucks)-3/20/06-3/26/06

Let's at least get a laugh out of the joke of a site called daily kos. This weeks top 10 laughable moments.

10. The tin foil continues as paranoid tin foil hat wearing davybaby keeps insisting that two people who live on different sides of the country are the same person. Of course he is backed by the good old boy's club at daily kos, also major tin foil purchasers. He has yet to deny or explain himself for proudly proclaiming that all women equal Ann Coulter.

9. Apparently their were some "Open Letters to the Democratic Party" that hit the recommend list. Well unless you are some rich white corporate terrorist you better open the letter for them, because if you are an average jill or joe, let me tell you the good old boy's club known as the democratic party isn't gonna open your letter.

8. In the laughable celebrity section Jimmy Carter has posted and gone to the top of the charts due to writing about strategy about how Democrats can win votes. Here is a suggestion: stop the farce and fraudulent elections and have real elections. Recommended celebrities: always a good laugh.

7. In another way to get your diary to the top (Complete 2006 Senate Rankings w/not so exciting new format), pretend like elections matter and that they are going to be won disproportionally by the Dimocrats. Also be sure to not include any real issues in the diary as someone over at red state might see it and become offended.

6. We also find this piece of wisdom in a diary called "In defense of red state". "In conclusion, I think that RedState can be a great site to go to and voice your opinions. The more respect you show the members of that site, though, the more respect you will get in return (you know... standard Golden Rule stuff)." Not tell me the Demoncrats and Rethugs aren't in this together.

5. In other trolls that daily kos is to stupid to identify, markusd makes the argument that more people consider themselves conservative than liberal because of some poll run by a rethug mainstream organization. Here is a tip, most people are truly progressives, but they don't vote because their isn't a mainstream progressive party. Besides the fact that most people in idiot America probably couldn't even define progressive and conservative. Then their are those of us who slam the phone down on biased rethug surveyors, who probably just make up answers and change responses if they don't go the way they want them too.

4. Back to top of the list recommended diaries we find the supposedly free speech loving and punishment hating jokes at daily kos talking about taking actioin in the diary RedState redemption: Act now. It's quick, easy and free! As usual though for the Democrats, guess what I can't find any action to be taken in the diary. Only a lot of whinning. Really, though is it shocking recommend list news that a repug/rethug would lie.

3. We also find on Sundays recommend list "TIME: (R)s Say They Would LOSE House Today". But how can you really loose the house when all the (D)s are acting like R's?

2. In the OCD department Armando has used the term troll in at least 14 comment titles. The brilliant comment titles include "I can troll rate you"(aren't you special, you good old boy) and "I smell a troll" (quit sniffing yourself Armando).

1. And we started the week with tin foil and we might as well end it that way with corporate terrorist and women hater davy baby still insisting that qrswave and I (tri) are the same person. I'm always appreciative of that compliment, but gee davybaby stop monopolizing all the tin foil.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The one reason to register to vote

Let's face it. Elections in the United States are a farce. Oh, sure blame the Green Party for 2000, after all they are the one party that actually tried to really question the vote totals.

It is actually the one things that most people hate when they register to vote that I love the idea of. Getting called for jury duty. Why? Because I feel it is my duty to fight back against the corporate terrorists and hang a jury. The laws are made by the rich white corporate terrorists. For example, rich white corporate terrorist executive at Walmart receives bonuses for cheating an employee out of needed health care that could save their life and therefore murders them. Yet, who goes to jail. The poor person who shoplifts from a Walmart. It is class warfare enacted by the rich against the poor.

Oh, sure the folks on kos would object and say, but you can't do this it's blah, blah, blah. It is about working the system and playing it just right. You don't even have to state your actual objection. All you have to do is say you believe the defense. Yeah, you'll piss off the other jurors who have been successfully brainwashed by the corporate terrorists, but who cares. Ultimately, they won't be able to hold out and the good old American greed disease will take over and they will give in or give up.

The one thing the Dims and the Rethugs/Repugs have correct

Drumroll and the one thing is: they both can identify why the other sucks.

See this is what Dims know about rethugs and repugs. They know that rethugs are evil sick twisted rich people. They know that they are greedy and would kill 25 innocent children in a far off land, if it bought them one extra rolex. Repugs on the other hand just act disgusting and are horrific racists, homophobes, and are just disgustingly hateful.

Then their is what the rethugs and repugs know about the Dims. They know that they don't understand strategy. They know that the Dims are so afraid of rejection and are so desperate to get one repug to join at any cost, they will sell out the whole left wing of the party and create an issue-less party, while forcing the left wing to create its own party. And when you won't state the important issues, let alone defend them well that just doesn't make you look too bright.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Welcome to Progressives Against Democrats

So have you noticed lately that Democrats=Republicans? If you haven't you might want to check out votes and issues. Both parties are part of a corporate terrorist run system, that is creating class war fare against the poor and the quickly disappearing middle class.