Progressives Against Democrats

The truth is that it isn't Democrats vs. Republicans. It is two good old boy's clubs working together to enact class warfare:that is to enact class warfare against you and me. Will you too sell out to the Democrats and their lies about being an opposition party, or will you stand with me and fight?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Will Idiot America Ever Stand Up to Citibank

While the corporate terrorists in Congress join Citigroup in their evil, Japan has told Citigroup what they can do with their terrorist cell, not to mention lousy customer service.

"Japanese financial watchdog has reprimanded Citibank Japan for a computer problem that botched hundreds of thousands of bank transactions and ordered the company to take major steps to improve the system. The Financial Services Agency said yesterday it ordered the Japanese unit of Citigroup Inc. to fundamentally re-evaluate and redevelop its current system of governance, internal control and outsourcing following a series of system failures involving transaction processing that affected thousands of individual and corporate customers earlier this year"(

But until we get the Democratic-Republican corporate terrorists out of office don't count on anything like this to happen in the United States.

Best Bookstore Ever

I just found the coolest bookstore I have ever been to a few days ago. It is called Left-Hand books in Boulder Colorado (on the Pearl Street Mall). The best thing about it is that it is a real progressive bookstore and not a Democrap bookstore. On Display was Ward Churchill's "On Roosting Chickens". The store had sections on everything from anarchism to economics. There were also t-shirts and bumpers stickers. Some of the best ones included Religion: what stops the poor from killing the rich and Terroist: what the big army calls the little army. This store is a must visit if you live in or are visitng Boulder.

Friday, July 14, 2006

More Censorship from the Fake Opposition Party

Yet another true progressive banned from the fake liberal/suv liberal site daily kos. My friend qrswave was also recently banned by the good old small dicked boys at daily kos. She was brave enough to tell the truth and yet this site which claims to love free speech, showed just how much they hate free speech by banning her.

This is where I agree with the rethugs/repugs when they refer to Democrats as Dims. Can't they see the hypocrisy in this? If you are an all out free speech person than you must support it for everybody! If you claim to care about the environment you can't drive around in an SUV/Truck/Minivan, even you stick a John Kerry sticker on it! If you claim to care about the poor, than you can't go around and support the banking terrorist by charging everything on credit cards! When you do this you undermine all the true progressives. Life is good when you are a Democrat, you can claim to care while being completely socially irresponsible.

I used to argue daily kos wasn't a Democrap site. But I realize now that I am wrong. It is full of Democrap hyprocrites. We love free speech, but will ban anyone who disagrees with us. We don't want people to die, but we just have to have a credit cards and huge SUV's (w/a Kerry sticker of course).

And here is the one good thing about daily kos. The site is so poorly run, stupid, and hypocritical that is will help accelerate the self-destruction of the fake opposition party Democraps, which will hopefully come sooner rather than later. Basically if you were trying to burn something to the ground and the rethugs brought a few matches, daily kos would be bringing the gasoline. Hahaha, good riddance Democraps and hello Green Party.

Congratulations Qrswave. Being banned from daily kos is an honor. As you probably remember, I too hold this honor, thanks to small dicked SUV liberal davybaby. Being banned from the good old small dicked boys club at daily kos just means that you are intelligent, brave, and strong.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kerry insists CIA bin Laden unit re-open

[Senator] John Kerry (D-MA) has written the Director of National Intelligence, insisting that the CIA bin Laden unit, reportedly closed, re-open immediately.

"This unit should be reconstituted immediately," writes Kerry in the letter's opening.
And don't forget to bring a shovel!

The CIA has reportedly closed the bin Laden unit in order to focus on a more comprehensive effort to curtail terrorist activities.

"I fully support efforts to adapt our response to the evolving nature of the threat," writes Kerry, "but this is not a compelling rationale for curtailing efforts to bring this mass murderer to justice."
What about this one?

Commentary from Progressives Against Democrats:Democraps=Repugs. Yes, more proof they are all one big good old boys club. Kerry needs to target a suppossed "traditional" terrorist in order to draw attention away from the activities of his friends the corporate terrorists. If the Democraps really cared about people they would ask to open a unit to investigate and prosecute the corporate terrorists.

Murdered in Cold Blood

Frank Lobato required crutches to get around. In fact when he was murdered by Rich Ford, a pig(aka cop) on duty, he was lying in bed watching television. He wasn't committing a crime or even accused of committing a crime.

In fact he was murdered during a domestic dispute in 2004 involving his nephew. However, Cathy Sandoval who called the police "said she told police Martinez was unarmed and that his uncle was in an upstairs bedroom of the home"(

But it appears that Rich Ford, the murderer, just wanted to kill a man. Rich Ford was involved in custody dispute with his ex-wife which he made nasty. See Rich Ford "allegedly threatened to kill his ex-wife's boyfriend and take his daughter back last year(2003), according to a court document"( Prior to the murder this man had already threatened murder and kidnapping, but being a pig no one cared. "He also harassed his wife, who had petitioned for divorce, once calling her 10 times in 15 minutes and causing her "to fear for hers and the child's safety" (

But beyond this the Denver pigs are no strangers to murdering the disabled. In 2004 the same year they also murdered a disabled 15 year old child named Paul Childs. The police had tasers which could have been used, but instead decided they need to fire FOUR bullets into a disabled child.

Frank Lobato is probably proof that the pigs(aka police) in the United States can and will murder just about anyone and get away with it. The murders of us are not next, they have already begun.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Corporate Terrorist Day (aka 4th of July) Decorating Kits

Truth Out Kit:
Comes w:
A murdered non-white child
Starving Homeless mother and children
Video demonstarting how 911 really happened
3 children from China who will work all day to set up your kit for penies.
Evil CEO w/ tall chair who sits on top of it and laughs at the dead/starving people.

Piss of Idiot America Kit
Flags of Iran, Venezuala, and France.
Labels for flags so Idiot America can actually know what country they represent.
Bu$h Doll w/handcuffs.
I love Ward Churchill , Michael Moore, and Cindy Sheehan Banners.
American Idiot CD.

3 Lies/Myths about the Greens-Spread by the White Male Order

Well let me specific about what I mean by lies/myths being spread by both the Democrats and Republicans about the Greens:

Myth/Lie 1: The Green Party causes Democrats to loose. The Green Party did not stop the Democrats from “winning” the elections. It was racist voting technology that stole the right to vote from numerous minority people that cost the election. In fact, evidence shows the number of people who were denied voting rights in Florida, is larger than the number of people who voted Green. In fact, it was the Green Party that insisted that the votes be recounted and that be fix the voting technologies, while the Democrats and Republicans both agreed to let the technology that denies minorities votes stay. Besides this it is the Demcrats and Republicans, who are similar and the Green Party is the opposition party to the two other parties.

Myth/Lie 2: The Green Party cannot win. The Green party currently has approximately 229 people in office. It is only the believe that the Green Party cannot win and the loss of votes due to this that stops the Green Party from winning even more elections.

Myth/Lie 3: Republicans and Democrats are opposition parties. Both are based on a white rich male power structure. In fact if you look a a comparision chart( between Republican, Democrats, and Green you will find the only real opposition party is the Greens.

More so let me ask you this. If you constantly have to babysit and be shocked by the actions of those in your own party is it really the right party for you? With the Green party I don't have to be shocked or sickened by the actions of my own party, unlike when I used to be a Democrat.

Corporate Terrorist Day Rant

Yet another corporate terrorist day, but at least this one is a little less commercial than the others. Buy a flag made in China and stick it on your SUV and then force everyone to say how wonderful you are. Never mind that the flag was made by the slave labor of children, your SUV is killing the environment and children in Iraq, and that you are really a selfish pathetic attention seeking asshole. Even scarier yet is I can see these idiots charging a 99 cent flag on a credit card.

Then of course are the annoying fire crackers which will be left all over the place along with beer bottles, etc. Idiot America can't even clean up after themselves. Pathetic.

Oh and here is another reason that the 4th of July has been highjacked. The 4th of July is about revolutions, not mindless patriotism. It is about overthrowing an oppressive government, not mindlessly supporting it.

There is nothing left about America to celebrate. The corporate terrorits have taken our freedom, money, morals, etc. Idiot America is running around drivng SUV's, charging away on credit cards, and supporting the government that seeks to take away there rights.

And on a personal note I forgot my Green Day CD at work. Another Depressing Corporate Terrorist Day!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

It Ain’t Just Bu$h: Part 6 of 100 of Part A: Why they all must go!

So we will go alphabetically by state. I’m not going to waste my time my listing “party” affiliations. Please though if you don’t know their “party” go ahead and try to guess it. I can promise it will be a challenging game. I’m not even going to base this on their voting records, I’m just going to base this on crap posted on their website. If you are student doing research, please I’m begging you help educate your teacher and use this info. By the way these posts are based on the your Senutor's actually websites.

Arizona 2: John McCain
5. Yet another issueless website that makes you search to find out anything about where this lier stands. But there is a picture of the smiling children/grandchildren to make idiot America happy.

4. Aparently this rich white man responsible with his rich white buddies for causing problems for the poor also offers bandaids (casework) for those needing help with Medicare, Social Security etc. Does it ever occur to these idiots that bandaids do not fix gunshots that these corporate terrorits fire away at us by denying us health care and other basic rights!

3. Great another site selling flags. I'll have mine with a side of matches please!

2. Oh and fortunetly there are no upcoming events avaiable to the public. I am afraid the Senutor will be too busy whoring himself to the corporate terrorists to have any events for me or you.

1. I also could not help noticing as related items to events there was a section marked whip notice. Is that to let the corporate terrorists know that the Senutor is know available for S&M (at an additional fee of course).

Power to the Green Party and Independent Progressives. Get the Democratic-Republican idiots out of office.