Progressives Against Democrats

The truth is that it isn't Democrats vs. Republicans. It is two good old boy's clubs working together to enact class warfare:that is to enact class warfare against you and me. Will you too sell out to the Democrats and their lies about being an opposition party, or will you stand with me and fight?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

False History and Corporate Terrorist Day

Thought I might as well get an early start on the next holiday, as the corporate terrorists started their fundraisers for it weeks ago.

Gee, I don't know which to be more thankful for. One one hand their are the lies and stereotypes that Idiot America can't seem to stop putting forward related to this holiday. See Idiot America still has to keep stereotyping the people who discovered America as savages, so that they can keep the land that was never theirs, because they stole in from the people who discovered America. And by the way in case you can't figure out who discovered America here is a clue: white people didn't discover it and the discovery happened tens of thousands of years ago. It also doesn't surprise me that Idiot America loves this holiday as the puritans were an extremist religious cult justified all kinds of silly things in the name of religion, just like the ones todays that think the major issue facing America today is that their are boys kissing boys.

Then on the other hand is the corporate terrorist fundraiser to get idiot america to buy millions? billions? of murdered animals. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of children in Africa and around the world will starve while Idiot America gorges itself. Even sicker yet, if everyone was vegetarian there would be enough food to feed the world.

But corporate terrorist and false history doesn't seem to surprise me after all idiot america never seems to enjoy anything unless it involves lies and killing something.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Citisucks Defines: Today's Word Jeep

Under another name green girl, I have begun defining away. My first entry is for jeep. At this point I believe it is on the second page...

You can change that though by giving my comment a thumbs up (it's the one by green girl). Also this is a section that needs help in general, as it has been hijacked by the small dicked loosers, who live in a delusion world where their jeeps aren't FUV's. Right, sure whatever, and Bu$h isn't the next Hitler.

Seriously go uprate my definition along with the other good definitions that actually called the FUV drivers out on what they are and go down rate all the FUV driving terrorists.

I have two other published defintions by the way, but more on those later.

To Catch a Predator...And Can You Guess What Most of the Predators were driving!

So here is the unofficial unscientific count from tonights Dateline NBC's To Catch a Predator, which is basically a sting operation to catch child predators who solicit what they think are children, but are really decoys on the internet and then actually show up at their houses. I missed the beginning, but I think I caught the rest. In a few cases I did not see a vehicle.

So here is the official count 5 SUV's/Trucks (w/possibly one being a minivan?), 1 mustang, and 1 motorcycle. Yup, doesn't suprise me that the same small dicked loosers who drive around in SUVs/Trucks are child molestors.

Other highlights: One of the small picked loosers in a very large truck showed up with a penis pump-someone really can't deal with their teenie weenie. Another small dicked looser blamed the fact that he is a child molestor on his wife bothering him or something, when he had previously said she is in another country half way across the globe. Another small dicked loosers name was tofastforyall or something like that, which was hilarious because when he showed up he was pretty slow and stupid.

Parents remember this: in most cases child molestors are people we know. So let this be a warning if they drive an SUV/Truck the changes they are one these known child molestors go way up.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

From the Undeniable Liberal

Picture From:

Of course the sick bastard thinks its funny they don't get paid crap and don't have health insurance. He thinks dead people are a joke and each one gets him one step closer to beating Hitler's numbers.

Also, I believe the proper greeding for a corporate terrorist is to spit on them and not to shake their hand.

More Idiot America

For some people their level of stupidity is like a game of limbo. As the game of life progresses for them it only gets lower. This is the case of the witch, disguised as my coworker.

Some background: After the corporate terrorists of Colorado throw a lot of money that they stole from the commoner into brainwashing the commoner into opposing minimum wage, the people rise up against these selfish terrorists and pass the minimum wage increase anyways.

You would think all the commoners would be happy about this. But of course not, there are some too stupid to understand not only the best of interest of humanity, but their own freaking selves! Reenter, the witch disguised as a coworker. I would try to explain the arguments of this idiot, except she has none. All this idiot can do, like so many other American idiots is get red in the face and run around screaming those damn liberals. What are they going to do next, feed the poor? (Disclaimer, I find repug nutjob bamble impossible to understand and a waste of my time to listen to, so I just fictionalize a little to create the idea of what was said).

All the pathetic fool can do is repeat after the corporate terrorists on faux spews and Absolute Bullshit Crap spews, etc. The stupid idiot will receive no benefit by promoting the starvation of the poor, as she doesn't own a business or terrorist cell. Even dumber, she will increase her changes of being made a part of the slave race of underpaid workers by the corporate terrorists, who seek to oppose her best interest. Really, what level of stupidity does one have to limbo down to, to vote for evil that is against their own best interests?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We're Screwed

In the words of the space aliens from the Simpsons that took over the Dumpocrap and Republicunt bodies (I believe it was Clinton and Dole), either way your screwed. It's the opposition party vs. the fake opposition party. Check for a green, if you don't see one you loose either way and the corporate terrorists win.

More Off-Roaders

This morning I was driving behind a stupid bitch talking on her cell phone while driving her Yukon. Then all of a sudden before the stupid idiot knew it she was off-roading. Well at least off roading onto the partially dirt shoulder of the highway. Hey, she may have even been off-road without even knowing it. She proceeded to go off-road a few more times, once almost saving the life of a child in Iraq by nearly hitting the median and which would have surely flipped her dumb bimbo mobile over.

Ah, the off roaders, the only time these retarded bithches and bastards ever see off-road is when they drive their looser mobile off it while they are talking on their cell phones.