Progressives Against Democrats

The truth is that it isn't Democrats vs. Republicans. It is two good old boy's clubs working together to enact class warfare:that is to enact class warfare against you and me. Will you too sell out to the Democrats and their lies about being an opposition party, or will you stand with me and fight?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dear Citisucks,

(If you know it to the tune of the second part of Nobody Likes You, From Homecoming, from the American Idiot CD my Green Day)

Oh Green Party member why can't you see
I drive the shit out of my SUV
I don't really care how many non-white children get buried
And it's okay as long as it has a sticker saying John Kerry

I shop at Walmart
And I drive a SUV that take more gas than all the worlds farts.
I charge it on my credit card.
And I like it when non-white people get feathered and tarred.

And by the way all I have to is vote
so I'm the greatest you all better @&*$&! note.

"So get off of my case" (line from Green Day).



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