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Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Greenwash Bullshit from the Liers at Citigroup

Aka: Fake Green watch.

Watch out for World Resource Institute, they are claiming to be something they are not. Yes, these assclowns, have paired up with corporate terrorists Citigroup to produce fake environemntal proganda.

The report goes on to discuss 12 companies that will benefit from global warming. How convientant because the corporate terrorists at Citigroup are huge environmental destructivists and by stuffing World Resources Institutes g-strings they get to pretend like they aren't. In exchange for the report corporate terrorist Fred Wellington, senior financial analyst with WRI's capital markets research team, out right lies and whores for Citigroup praising them for their role in helping the environment.

But wait a second, does this sound like an environmentaly friendly terrorist cell (aka company)to you
Here is the truth about Citigroup and their Environmental Destruction:

According to

“Remember Citigroup’s loud claims to have become environmental? Well, last week it was reported that Citigroup will arrange a $10 billion loan to OAO Gazprom to finance the state-owned gas producer's purchase of a controlling stake in OAO Sibneft. Citigroup spokeswoman Lindsey Deans in London declined to comment. Typical.(”.

This is from the Sept. 19th update. Now let’s go back a few weeks to the week of August 22nd.

“Two of Citigroup’s far flung purchases last week -- a move on oil company, Inchon Oil Refinery Co., in South Korea (how’s that for environmental standards?) and, a department store with a subsidiary called Yes, parasite -- that’s Citigroup(”

Citigroup is no stranger to environmental destruction. Only a few years ago Rain Forest Action Network had an anti-Citigroup campaign going. On April 15 2003 Rainforest Action Network declared the campaign off when Citigroup made a bunch of (false) promises to become a leader in environmental standards. Now not even two and a half years later Citigroup is back to its old games and fucking over the environment.

It gets even better (3 more articles and fine examples of Citibank's environmental destruction:
Funding of big time environmental destruction
Money for (Murdering) Trees
Do these people ever stop funding environmental destruction!

Any questions left on who is really profitting from environmental destruction?

Boycott Greenbiz the corporate terrorist site publishing this bullshit, boycott World Resources Institute-as their pairing with corporate terrorist Shitigroup shows where they real stand, and most of all boycott the corporate terrorists at Citigroup (bank, cards, etc).


At 6:24 AM, Blogger Undeniable Liberal said...

Extremely depressing and thought-provoking post. But what can be done knowing that a majority of brainwashed lemmings inhabit this country? Is it already too late?

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Citisucks said...

I try to wake people up whenever the opportunity arrises. I level of stupidity demonstrated by idiot america never ceases to shock me. All the idiots who repeat the lies and crap they hear on commericals. It gets annoying though because you really have to dumb it down for idiot america or just outright trick them into not supporting the corporate terrorists or wasting their votes on Democraps. I would be interested in any techniques that you have for trying to unbrainwash/educate idiot america.

Is it already to late probably and in the words of Green Day "It's not over till your underground. It's not over before it's to late."


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