Progressives Against Democrats

The truth is that it isn't Democrats vs. Republicans. It is two good old boy's clubs working together to enact class warfare:that is to enact class warfare against you and me. Will you too sell out to the Democrats and their lies about being an opposition party, or will you stand with me and fight?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Idiot America wakes up and says WE WANT TO SEE FASTOW STONED

And when I say stoned not I don't mean on pot.

I don't usually visit mainstream media chatrooms, but I did today on the case of Corporate Terrorist Fastow. Most people commented that the sentence was pathetic and too short. And someone besides myself even called the terrorist a terrorist. Better yet though were other suggestions.

A. Torture-Sounds good to me. I call the knife and the balls.

B. Give Corporate Terrorists (or as they called them economic criminals) the death penalty. It should be noted that citisucks opposes the death penalty in almost all cases. However, citisucks makes an exception for the corporate terrorists.

C. Give everyone screwed over by this corporate terrorist 20 minutes to do whatever they please to him. I like this even better than the death penalty and somehow figure eventually he will end up dead. Myself I would be fighting for a space in the front of the line so I could torture him while he is still alive.

Let's hope by the time Corporate Terrorists Chuck Prince and Robert Rubin of Citigroup make it to trial all this is enacted and ready to go. Get ready to get stoned and castrated too corporate terrorists.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Look What Citisucks Found


"send citibank president ken stork a letter to his house. here\'s his personal contact info. repost it everywhere you can--it\'s publicly available information. long live freedom of speech.

ken stork
SIOUX FALLS South Dakota 57103-4654
Phone Number:
605-339-2307 "

Thats what these corporate terrorists shitholes get for refusing to even give out the companies real business addresses and phone numbers.

The Corporate Terrorists At Citigroup: If you are Sick be Prepared to Die!

Here is a story from inner city press that shows just how sick these corporate terrorists are...especially when they are dealing with the sick.

"I missed six weeks of work, and asked to be accommodated through the flex-work initiative propounded by the corporate offices. The HR department told me that my request had been denied due to some late reviews and that I would have to return to the office to complete a conference call. When I came in I was called into a manager's office with my immediate supervisor, and his manager and told that my request was denied, there would be no further discussion and if I wanted to continue working there I had better sign the forms being presented to me. Although I was, and am still under a doctor's care, the forms basically stated that I felt ready to return to work and that a new work-plan was being devised to "accommodate" me. No copies were provided" (

So basically Shitibank used terror to scare this employee into signing a contract against their will. Now someone explain to me how this isn't terrorism! Not to mention slavery and abuse.

What would happen next though was on a completely new level of evil. Shitibank doubled this employees workload. This employee spent their whole Memorial Day weekend trying to satisfy the terrorist slave drivers at Citibank. The worker even spend their own money to hire someone to help. This is one of the richest companies out their and they not only abuse sick slaves, but they force them to spend their own money to do their dirty work.

But what do you think was the reward for this employees slave labor "Five weeks after I returned, I was terminated and escorted from the building by 4 vice presidents and the head of building security. I told then that this seemed unnecessary, and was certainly humiliating since it would appear that I was some terrorist (note:citisucks prefers the term freedom fighters) being escorted out of the Citigroup tower. I would not have thought much more of the situation except for the fact the other employees told me of similar occurrences with "mature" workers over the age of fifty. Just one month before me a 20 year veteran returned from hip-replacement surgery and was terminated exactly 4 weeks later" (

So to all the people that Citibank hates and seeks to murder, better ad the ill, disabled, and the elderly to the list. Hitler would be proud.

And if you think this itself is sick, their is more to come in part II.

And p.s. if you haven't taken your money out of Shitibank or gotten rid of their credit cards will you please do so and stop supporting the terrorists. Thanks.

US agencies conclude - ‘Iraq war fuels terror’

From The Truth Will Set You Free

How many special agents does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Apparently - under optimum conditions - tens of thousands.

That's how preposterous it is that it should take 3 years, billions of dollars, and 16 spy agencies, manned by tens of thousands of intelligence agents, to conclude that which was patently obvious to anyone with half a brain from day one.
The New York Times newspaper has published what it says are the findings of a classified US intelligence paper on the effects of the Iraq war.

The document reportedly blames the conflict for increasing the threat of terrorism and helping fuel Islamic radicalism worldwide.

Such a conclusion is at odds with the White House's persistent claim that going to war was the right thing to do.

The paper has not seen the report, but spoke to people familiar with it.

* * *

The BBC's Andre Vornic in New York says the National Intelligence Estimate, as the document is known, is all the more significant for reflecting the views of no fewer than 16 US spy agencies:

According to the New York Times, it says the Iraq war has triggered more, not less, terrorism, and helped spread jihadist ideology.

It also reportedly concludes that al-Qaeda has now mutated into a global franchise of semi-autonomous cells.

The estimate is the first US assessment of international terrorism since the Iraq war began.

The New York Times has spoken to officials who have either read it, or been involved in drafting it.

If what they say is true, our correspondent says, the document appears to undermine US President George W Bush's insistence that for all the flaws of the Iraq war, the world is now a safer place.
Don't you just love the way they use fancy technical terms like "jihadist ideology" and "global franchise of semi-autonomous cells" to describe what is clearly an entirely natural phenomenon: spontaneous reactions to brutal occupation by isolated individuals with only one thing in common - their humanity.

Our government just doesn't get it. They believe their own lies.

The truth about Iraqis, or any other people for that matter, is not what the US government thinks it is, or how they would like it to be or would like others to believe that it is.

The truth is that DESPITE the fact that the US government thinks Iraqis are animals and DESPITE the fact that they treat them that way - Iraqis are HUMAN and they react accordingly - regardless of whether or not their oppressors anticipate it.

Moreover, regardless of how that reaction is characterized, it remains what it is - a natural human response.

So - as the saying goes - keep doing what you're doing and you'll keep getting what you're getting.

Until US corporate interests STOP trying to take away other people's freedoms (and resources) in order to enhance their own freedoms and increase their own resources, Americans can expect MUCH MORE of the SAME - a whole lot of angry people around the world who will put up a VERY nasty fight to protect themselves and their resources.

Special agents, take note

Friday, September 22, 2006

I took away 12000 peoples freedoms. That's why I'm running for governor as a Dumocrap.

I kid you not this is what Dumocrap asshole Bill Ritter brags about in his paid political ads. Being a bunch of wussy losers the Dumocraps have again picked out a fake opposition candidate this time to run for governor of Colorado.

Thank you Silly Billy I appreciate you keeping us safe as your ads states, yes those pot smokers are a dangerous bunch. But I bet they aren't half as dangerous as the criminals who make huge profits off taking away peoples freedoms.

And if you think Silly Billy's enjoyment of taking away peoples rights ends with locking them up in cells for smoking pot, guess again. Bill Ritter is pro-life . Yes read it again because you didn't believe it the first time, this asshole is pro-life.

Yup, the fake opposition party just got a little bit faker.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'll take my National Health Care plan with a side of screams of "Bu$h is the devil please!"

Chavez has made me proud once again. Nothing makes me sicker than the yes I know Bu$h is fast of his way to murdering more people than Hitler, but heck he's a good old boy so I'll be polite assclowns. Chavez has again made me proud by proving that he is not one of these assclowns.

If Bu$h hates Chavez perhaps it is because he is jealous that unlike him Chavez is a kind and benevolent leader. Instead of fucking the corporate terroists up the ass like Bu$h and paying them corporate welfare to be his whores, Chavez has supplied health care to his people. Of course Chavez does have his critics-well not so much critics as rich devil assclowns who whine about Chavez forcing them to give up some of their money so that the poor can live.

Bu$h is the devil and the unless you are a rich white corporate terrorist, the devil as decided to make your life a living hell.

Friday, September 15, 2006

"Its Not Over Til Your Under Ground"

From Undeniable Liberalism

Sleazeball Democrap Corporate Terrorists Robert Rubin Is At it Again!

Robert Corporate Terrorist Rubin is Clinton's former Treasurey Secretary. This selfish asshole whored to Citigroup while in office, in order to get a position as an executive in Citigroup so that he could further continue to sellout the lives of children for a few extra rolex's.

And Robbing Rubin isn't finished yet. If being a whore and terrorist isn't enough Rubin has decided, that he must set up a whole policy institute to feed the corporate terrorist controlled media, corporate terrorist controlled statistics.

According to Inner City Press "To be celebrated for sleazy. Robert Rubin, who has been directly asked about Citigroup's predatory lending and said it is not in or under his "aegis," now sets up a public policy institute which the NYT (Sept. 8) says will be "addressing issues like the costs to the economy of excessive litigation and regulation.("

More like lying about than addressing. Citigroups seeks to be able to get away with murdering innocent children at even higher rates. These fascists will again play the victims so they can continue on their murder spree. And the larger question is can one really put a price on the murders of innocent children by Citigroup?

If the fact that the corporate terrorists control the media isn't enough, they are now seeking to control the statistics fed to the corporate controlled media. More lies for idiot America. If you thought statistics were lies before, than welcome to new corporate terrorist controlled statistical America.

And here is a real novel idea on how to keep court costs down. When Citigroup has to go to court because they violated the few laws that actually apply to these corporate terrorists make them pay for all the costs of the litigation and regulation! It doesn't take a policy institute to figure this one out.

And perhaps if these terrorists and criminals have a problem with civil court, they should get the poor non-white person treatment. Pig brutality followed by major jail time.

Add and Delete a Few Words and get the TRUTH

Lie:"I listen to my Democratic friends and I wonder if they're more interested in protecting the terrorists than protecting the American people," House Majority Leader John Boehner, an Ohio Republican.

Truth:"I listen to my Dumocrap enemies and I wonder if they're more interested in protecting the corporate terrorists than protecting the American people," Citisucks.

Well not so much wonder, as feel absolutely sure!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Every Two Seconds A Child Dies of Starvation, but who cares, lets all obsess over 911!

Every two seconds a child dies of starvation. Everyday 40000 children die of starvation ( But instead of taking a day to worry about these children, lets all obsess over 2819 people from 911.

Many of these deaths due to starvation are due to corporate terrorism. Developing countries being charged so much interest for projects, that they ended up poorer and worse of then they would have if they received no loans. They are also due to resources being sent from this countries to evil, selfish America. For example these statistics show how idiot America's excessive consumption leads to some of these 40000 deaths everyday. "Amount of meat imported annually by U.S. from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama: 200 million pounds. Amount of meat eaten by average person in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama: Less than the average American housecat consumes"( (Note citisucks is a vegetarian)

In addition to selfishness and greed their is of course also racism. Most of the people that died in 911 were rich and white. Almost all of the children that die everyday as victims of the corporate terrorists are non-white and poor. Yet idiot america was suckered into giving millions?billions? to rich bimbo housewives who went and wasted all their money on shopping sprees, while meanwhile even more children starved to death who could have actually used this money for food that would have saved their lives.

It is no wonder the world hates us. We are murdering 40000 children a day with our selfishness, greed, racism, evil and support of the corporate terrorists!

Our Court System at Waste

While Citibank steals from their employees, steals from their customers, and murders people around the globe by charging them amounts of interest that they know will force them to starve, Shitibank sits in court whining about how they are the victims of Enron. And no they are not talking about the STD's they obtained by their constant f**king with them.

Maybe perhaps if they want to make a claim about STD's though they should make it about the judge who "has taken the unusual step of permitting the banks to immediately appeal a U-S bankruptcy judge's ruling earlier this year"( Convientantly the judge is not named, but someone better investigate this anonymous prostitute who calls themselves a judge.

Of course Shitigroup along with the other corporate terrorist banks claim that they are the victims and they are doing this out of concern. "The banks say the ruling could "devastate" the country's 500 (b) billion-dollar distressed-debt market"( Stop with the bullshit and just admit that you are evil terrorist money grabbing whores.

Over at the Truth Will Set You Free the sphinx talks about 5 qualities present in a fasicist. One, a sense of overwhelming crisis such as this immediate appeal. Two, a sense of being the victim (in this case the victim is the American peoples whose court systems are being clogged up with this bullshit). Three, need for authority by a natural leader above the law. While Citigroup does match all five they certainly meet enough to be considered fascists.

Beyond this though, if our justice system was actually just it would be the child murders and corporate terrorists such as Citi and the big banks that would be on trial for starving people to death and causing them to have no money for access to health care. Until the system stops catering to the corporate terrorists and until the real criminals are all in jail, we must refuse to convict anyone but rich white people (aka the corporate terrorists) if we are on a jury.

It is time to stop wasting government resources. I say this case should be postponed until all these shitholes are in hell (Ken Lay is already there) and then they can waste the resources in hell.

They all Must Be Elected: Part I

Some words from a real candidate, I will do a cut and paste and let the real candidate speak from themselves (from the Denver Greens Mailing List)


The race for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 7th
Congressional District is now set.

Green candidate Dave Chandler is running against Republican Rick
O'Donnell and Democrat Ed Perlmutter.

There couldn't be a clearer choice when it comes to protecting our
civil liberties and the Bill of Rights -- standing for peace and
ending Bush's war in Iraq, for preserving our environment, and for
economic justice.

Just take a look at Dave's web site to see what putting "Principle
BEFORE Politics" looks like.

www.DaveChandler. us

Here's more from Dave:

"If I'm elected to the Congress, I'll vote for an impeachment of Bush
and Cheney."

That's what I've been saying to people and the positive response
tells me that the 'stick-in-the- mud' leaders of the Democratic and
Republican parties are really missing the mood of a growing number of
Americans. I'm detecting a sense among more and more voters that the
two elite, establishment parties are both corrupt and devoid of any
genuine principles. So, this year, it is important to be courageous
and vote for real, genuine change for our country!

That's why I am excited about running for U.S. House of
Representatives for the 7th Congressional District.

I am dedicated to bringing real democracy and political reform to our
country. Since I ran for this same seat four years ago, I have
attended our national party convention in Milwaukee in 2004, and for
the last two years have been the chair of the Jeffco Greens. I've
helped the party organize a major metro area planning meeting and
three public forums -- two on the CSAP test, and one on Peak Oil. I
am a voting representative to the party's national committee.
Recently, I've even started a blog for Greens in the Denver area
which I hope will help keep interested folks informed; take a look
at: www.MetroDenverGree

But, my campaign is mostly about issues and bold proposals to make
our nation and world a better place. This is what I bring to the
Congressional election debate that no other candidate in the 7th CD
will articulate:

I support the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.
I support the quick withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.
I support nuclear disarmament diplomacy globally, but especially now
in the Middle East - no attack on Iran.
I support public finance of federal elections.
I support universal health insurance.
I support U.S. ratification of the Kyoto Treaty.
I support equal rights for all people.

Those are simple, principled, positions. Voters of conscience must
have a candidate for whom to vote -- that is what my candidacy
contributes to the democratic process.

>> I'm sending this email to ask for a donation so that this message
>> can be communicated to the voters.
>> You don't have to live in this district to contribute!
>> This is not going to be complicated -- or electronic. You just
>> need to take about three minutes right now to do a little bit to
>> help save our freedoms and liberties, to renew our republic, to
>> preserve our planet.
>> Please send a check to:
>> Chandler for Congress
>> 7930 Kendall Street
>> Arvada, CO 80003
>> Please help -- I want to be able to buy ads in local newspapers to
>> publicize my campaign web site so that the voters can know where
>> ALL the candidates stand on the issues.

Thank you very much for your support and assistance.

Dave C.

Dave Chandler
www.DaveChandler. us
U.S. House of Representatives
7th Congressional District
Green Party of Colorado
dave@DaveChandler. us

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Who's the Real Welfare Queen

The same rich white men who accuse poor single mothers of being the devil for trying to feed their children are the same assholes stealing welfare right and left for those who don't need it.

"Securities regulators have ordered a division of Citigroup Inc. to pay $1.1 million in fines and restitution for allegedly allowing more than 100 of its brokers to submit false disability claims for customers so they wouldn't have to pay certain mutual fund fees" ( This was not just a few unusual cases either. In fact "the brokers submitted invalid customer disability claims in 2,419 mutual fund transactions totaling some $47 million"(

What is sicker yet though is that these corporate terrorists get a 1.1 million dollar fine for stealing 47 million dollars worth of money. This is a total joke of a punishment. The corporate terrorists who did this should be dragged of in handcuffs and locked up in a cell and the keys should be thrown into the river. If you steal a loaf of bread you get locked up, but if you are a corporate terrorists you can steal million in funding that is to be used for the disabled and you don't even get a slap on the wrist.

The next time anyone mentions welfare queens be sure to mention Citibank. Talk about biting the hand that feeds! It is sick that these corporate terrorists who are given so much from the corporate terrorists in power feel that they need to steal more tax payer money. These whores actually steal the wallets of those they fuck.

Dear Diary: A SUV liberals Labor Day

So my rethug friend calls me up early and says hey girlie we have a day off work lets go shopping. She might be a little wacky, but all people deserve respect, no matter how many people their actions kill. Politeness and manors: that is what matters.

So I grap my leather boots and my credit card. The credit card is great because it says in big letters no interest with a cute little star or somthing next too it. I love stars, they are so cute. Say I really hope it doesn't turn out to be like my last credit card where they say no interest and decorate with cute little stars and then turn around and charge me 33 percent interest.

So I get into my SUV and go pick up my friend. She teases me about when I am going to remove my Kerry stickers. I say it justifies the SUV. After all if queen Oprah drives a giant SUV, why shouldn't I?

It is so nice to have a day of work for oh what holiday is it? Oh yeah labor day. Isn't that the day we honor the American workers by giving them a day of or is that the day dedicated to all those having a kid?

We stop at Starbucks on the way to the store. You know I heard on queen Oprah that children often get burns on their hands from picking the coffee beans. But hey it's okay to drink Starbucks because they give money to the Democrats and besides I just have gotta have my mocha focha tocha socha pocha.

So we go to the mall. There are lots of people workings. Ha ha it's labor day and someones gotta labor because I gotta shop. I find some cute stuff. Imported all the way from china and yet so inexpensive. Gee, I wonder at these prices how they afford to pay the workers. But hey it's a holiday, and one can't worry about stuff like that on this wonderful holiday of labor day!

After a full day of shopping my friend and I drive back home in my SUV with it's Kerry sticker and I say isn't labor day wonderful. I am so glad all the world get's to enjoy this.

It Ain’t Just Bu$h: Part 8 of 100 of Part A: Why they all must go!

So we will go alphabetically by state. I’m not going to waste my time my listing “party” affiliations. Please though if you don’t know their “party” go ahead and try to guess it. I can promise it will be a challenging game. I’m not even going to base this on their voting records, I’m just going to base this on crap posted on their website. If you are student doing research, please I’m begging you help educate your teacher and use this info. By the way these posts are based on the your Senutor's actually websites.

Arkansas 2: Mark Pryor
5. Where do we start with this one. I haven't even started reading and I want to puke. Looks like the back of some nutjob's SUV. If the senutor had a brain, the nerve, or wasn't a corporate terrorist the flag would have someone setting fire to it and their would be a picture of murdered innocent children non-white children.

4. I'm not even done with the pictures. On the site bar there are pictures with links. These include "our" troops and "our" kids. Not suprisingly the kid in the picture is white as white can be. One can only assume his priorities are "our" white kids and murdering the non-white ones.

3. The main page gets even better though. We are reminded that the Senutor has on his desk a sign that says Arkansas first. Somehow I get the feeling that what he really means is corporate terrorist Walmart first. Even if he doesn't, do we really want a joke of a state such as Arkansas first? Should we all strive for the Arkansas way of life? Shouldn't we all try to be the state that ranks 9th in having the most people in poverty, has the 15th highest violent crime rate, and the 10th highest infant mortality rate (! Yes, I am sure the people of Arkansas are put first and we should all strive to copy Arkansas!

2. To quote from the bio "Since arriving in Washington, Pryor has worked with both Democrats and Republicans to put partisan differences aside and pass meaningful legislation for our nation. These efforts have resulted in several Pryor initiatives becoming law. He has also, through bipartisan cooperation, been able to secure crucial funding for Arkansas military installations" ( Yeah, we have a two party system! Dream on democrap apologists!

1. It gets better. To quote from the issues and from his sieg heil to preznut gasman"Our military must also rise to new challenges and we must continue to stay united and stand behind them. They give their all to promote and protect democracy at home and abroad" ( Uh oh walmart, the senutor isn't just whoring to you, the sentuor is also whoring to the big banks and big defense (and probably getting a very small penis in return). Keep telling me that we have a two party system!

This is one very sick site. Sicker than the corporate terrorists whores Blance Lincoln's.

Power to the Green Party and Independent Progressives. Get the Democratic-Republican idiots out of office.